Asher’s Nursery Tour

As were wait for Tuesday, I wanted to share Asher’s nursery that has been my labor of love over the past three months. Though Eric and I have decorated our entire house, it was a bit more challenging to put together a baby’s room – something that I’ve never taken an interest in before. In designing Asher’s nursery, I wanted something gender-neutral since we were waiting to be surprised on the big day.I also wanted something that worked together with rest of our house and kept with the modern design aesthetic.


When I started, the paint color was a very girly purple with bejeweled knobs in the bathroom thanks to the previous owner’s 16-year-old daughter. I started by painting the room a softer grey color in order to create a calm space. Next, we overhauled the bathroom and replaced the purple tile with white marble. After that I began collecting pieces from Anthropologie, Oeuf, The Animal Print Shop, Restoration Hardware Baby, Blabla Kids, and Colette Bream.


Custom abacus handmade by my brother

The room started to take shape once the furniture was in, and a couple of rearrangements later, tada! I’m sure I’ll still change things around after we bring Asher home from Rhode Island, but for now, I’m very proud of the finished product. What do you think?Image



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