The Final Countdown

In a mere two days, we will be fathers. No, no…that wasn’t a typo. I say fathers because there are two of us – “Daddy” and “Dad.” My husband, Eric, and I (Drew) have traveled up to Providence, Rhode Island from our new home in Austin, Texas to witness the birth of our first child, Asher. While I am a planner, Eric is extremely superstitious, so we’ve elected not to find out the gender until the day of the birth; however, we do know that we will soon be parents to Asher, boy or girl.


Driving around snowy Providence

I suppose I should explain how we got to this point. About 18 months ago, right after we were married in New York City, our former home, we began exploring the possibility of having a child through surrogacy. Knowing that this process is nowhere near as simple as having a baby the old-fashioned way, we started interviewing agencies immediately and settled on Creative Family Connections in the Washington, D.C. area. We were quickly matched with a surrogate and our journey began. Now, after over a year of planning and anticipation, the day has almost arrived. A scheduled C-section is planned for Tuesday, and no doubt, our lives will be changed forever.


Our wedding cover on “The Knot” magazine

This blog, affectionately named after one of my favorite children’s books about a same-sex family of penguins, “And Tango Makes Three,” will chronicle our experience as first-time dads living in Austin, Texas. There will surely be highs and lows, but I’ve committed to the idea of sharing our journey so that other families, regardless of what they look like or believe, can connect with our story and share their own experiences, as well. I hope you enjoy!


Asher’s first photograph


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