Vacations Past: Paris

One aspect of parenthood that I’m reluctant to come to terms with is the reality that we won’t just be able to pick up and go whenever we want. Over the past five years, Eric and I have seen some amazing places (many of which I’ll post about here), and we rank traveling at the top of our hobbies list. This past summer, we visited Paris. It was my first time, and Eric’s third. My main piece of advice is don’t visit in the summer, as it’s crowded with tourists, and the hot weather (no air conditioning) rivals Texas. 


Eric on the Champs-Elysees

After our the initial shock of the sweltering heat, and upon getting our bearings, we discovered some of the most beautiful and interesting spots we’d ever seen. Our trip began with visits to some of the more touristy areas.


Me in front of the Louvre


The Paris Opera House

We also found time to visit the Keith Haring exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. This was probably the highlight of the trip, and inspired Asher’s nursery as well (updated pictures coming later).



Inside the exhibit

We also ventured over to the Rodin Museum to see some of his outdoor sculptures.


Eric next to the pole of Rodin admission stickers


The Rodin Museum

Our last night was spent by the Seine River as the sun set at 10pm. This was extremely special, and the best way to end our last big vacation before we become parents.


Me outside our hotel


Along the Seine River


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